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Joel Timoner singer-songwriter

Joel is a singer-songwriter currently playing a magical strange guitar called sazouki, a giant mandolin invented by a luthier in France.

Joel was born in Brazil and the groove and the harmonies from his native country are always present in his music. He recorded two albums in Brazil produced by Swami Jr who among other things was the music director of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Joel write songs with different atmospheres - mellow bossa nova, energetic samba, introspective folk song, tribal hip-hop, classic latin rock and so on. A few things though are prevalent. Sincerity, musical quality and good vibes!


Joel has played the mandocello for longtime and this work can be heard on the two albums he recorded in Brazil. The first one, Canções, has many special guests including Chico Pinheiro and Eugénia Melo e Castro, and a traditional flavor. The second one, Labirinto, has a very specific color with a Bossa Nova quartet and a string orchestra. Both were produced by Swami Jr, a great musician, producer and the music director of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Joel is always evolving and transforming, a kind of alchemist of songs. Besides singing his compositions, Joel makes original arrangements of songs from great songwriters. He recorded covers of songs from Bob Dylan, Georges Brassens, Jerome Kern, Joni Mitchell, Akira Mitake, Giuseppe Verdi, Jimi Hendrix, Cartola and many others.

Since 2021 Joel is mainly recording singles that are available on all platforms.
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